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Full service Physical Therapy Center specializing in Balance & Vestibular Rehabilitation.

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    Our Dedicated and Experienced Therapists

    The certified, licensed Physical Therapists at Next Step Therapy and Balance Center are ready to give you the attention you deserve. Meet our Therapists.

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    Balance Services

    Our Balance Programs focus on addressing all of the components involved in balance including eye exercises, gaze stability, habituation, sensory integration, strength, endurance, gait training and safety education.

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    Balance FAQs

    View our balance FAQs for helpful information about our balance services. Contact us if you feel you need additional information.

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    Balance Checker

    Understanding potential signs of balance problems will help keep you from becoming a statistic. Check off the items that may apply to you.

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Patient Testimonials

Read about the experiences of our patients.

I am a piano teacher and performer. Balance has dramatically affected my effectiveness with my students at the piano. I am able to help pianists of all ages solve physical and musical obstacles.

M. L.