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Improved Equilibrium with Improved Hearing

Improved Equilibrium with Improved Hearing

Hearing abilities can affect our sense of balance. Hearing aids provide not just improved hearing but also better equilibrium. Our sense of balance begins from the fluid within the inner ear. Hearing loss can disrupt this sense of balance which can lead to accidents.

Ear Nose Throat Doctor provided recent research from Washington University in St. Louis which suggests that people using hearing aids can utilize them as auditory orientation references to help sustain a sense of equilibrium.

To test this supposition, he examined participants with hearing loss who used hearing aids and compared them to those with hearing loss that did not use hearing aids. Each patient was tested for their balance on a foam pad and the results found that those using hearing devices had twice as stable balance on the heel-to-toe examination, compared to those without hearing aids. Although the number of participants was small, the results were found to be statistically significant.

Problems in balance are often noticed in hearing aid users who wear two hearing devices and suddenly switch to wearing one (in the event that one hearing aid requires a repair of if the battery dies). As such it can be claimed that hearing aids do much more than care for your hearing; they also help you maintain your poise!

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