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Balance Works

How Balance Works

Balance is the ability to maintain the body’s center of mass over its base of support. The body maintains balance with sensory information from three systems:

  • Vision
  • Proprioception (touch sensors in the feet, trunk, and spine)
  • Vestibular system (inner ear)

Sensory input from these three systems is integrated and processed by the brainstem. In response, feedback messages are sent to the eyes to help maintain steady vision and to the muscles to help maintain posture and balance.

Balance disorders may be caused by multiple factors. Therefore, determining the cause(s) of your balance problems or dizziness is key to designing the most effective rehab program for you. Our therapist do a thorough assessment of the sensory systems involved in balance along with neurological testing, strength testing and gait assessments. The findings are then discussed with you, and your goals will guide the plan of care.

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